Wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are all milled within 24 hours from harvest and cold pressed , they are rich in Poliphenols ( if you want to know more about polyphenols click here) which are highly powerful antioxidants and vitamin EThey can be Monocultivar, made from one variety of olive: Leccino, Frantoio, Coratina etc( there are more than 400 in Italy ), or they can be a blend of cultivars. 

Our advise is to have in your kitchen always a selection of three olive oils: Fruttato delicato, medio and intenso; as each of them have a specific flavour and therefore can be matched with different foods or recipes in order to have a unique sensorial experience   

The degree of Fruttato vary from oil to oil and to certain degree from cultivar to cultivar. Below you can find a guidance on which foods you can match your oils with:

  • Fruttato Delicato ( delicate ): soups, boiled meat/chicken or fish, boiled vegetables, raw fish and crustaceans 
  • Fruttato Medio ( medium ): soups, pasta, bruschetta, salads, raw and steamed vegetables, boiled or grilled chicken/meat
  • Fruttato Intenso ( intense ): minestrone, pasta, bruschetta, salads, raw vegetables (pinzimonio), grilled steaks 


Jolio: Calabria, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Medio £ 14.00: code 1 evo


 Natio: Tuscany, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Intenso £14.00: code 2 evo


Terre del Sole: Puglia, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Leggero £14.00: code 3 evo


Olevano Organic: Campania, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Medio £14.00: code 4 evo

Virgo Organic: Puglia, Monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica, 50cl, Fruttato Medio £14.00: code 5 evo


Olio dell'Abbazia: Sicily, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Delicato £14.00: code 6 evo

Bucolico Organic: North Lazio, Blend, 50cl, Fruttato Medio/intenso £14.00: code 7 evo

Maria Sofia: South Lazio, Monocultivar Itrana, 50cl, Fruttato Intenso £ 14.00: code 8 evo

Due Mari Organic: Calabria, Blend, 75cl, Fruttato Medio £16.00: code 9 evo

Arnasca: Liguria, Monocultivar Arnasca, 75cl, Fruttato Leggero, £ 16.00: code 10 evo