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28 February, London

2 March, Manchester 

The costs per manufacturer are £950.00 in total for the dates of February and March. It is advisable to bring 4 wines per producer, 2/3 bottles per label for each day. The costs include: wine transport from Italy to UK, payment of customs and excise duties, transport to SITT London and SITT Manchester, our presence at the table to introduce your wines to customers, follow up with interested customers after the fair. There will be a single table where the producers will have a space. The staff of Eythrope Wine will be present both in London and in Manchester and will be happy to represent the companies that cannot participate personally.

Invoicing for the SITT will be done by: Euro Catering Foods ltd

Per i produttori italiani: la fatturazione vini:

FONDACO S.r.l. Via Manin 4, 30026 Portogruaro VE, IVA 04195590270, Codice SDI T9K4ZHO

Spedizione a:

FONDACO S.r.l. Via Ferraris 9, 30025 Fossalta di Portogruaro VE. Telefono 348 8700708