The experienced team behind Wine and Food promotions will provide access to a wide range of complimentary skills through our extensive network of advisers.

  • Market information and support
  • Sales introductions
  • Sales and promotion
  • Sponsorship
  • Media and PR


Let us help you to research, plan, prepare, deliver and follow up.

A new approach to the UK market and together we’ll sharpen your competitive edge.

Join our consultancy packages starting from £ 4,000 per year

The partners of Wine and Food Promotions have combined experience of nearly forty years in marketing, sales and promotion, much of it in Wine and Food and that experience tells us that there are so many better and more cost-effective ways of helping small and medium wine and food Enterprises to make a sustained impact on the UK and Irish markets.

We recognize that one of the greatest strengths of Territorial Wine and Food is its diversity and sheer quality offered by many of the smaller artisan producers. But they’re never going to fit the narrow, almost exclusively price driven restrictions of the major supermarkets – we’ll help you to get beyond those barriers and to meet the key people and decision makers.

And the whole process starts with research, market intelligence, careful planning and preparation.


  • Market information about the best opportunities for your products
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Targeted and personalized introduction


  • Making sure you meet the right people at the right time
  • Making sure the right products are there to support your sales pitch
  • Making sure there is continuing follow up
  • Managing relationships and communications
  • UK Logistics


  • Carefully tailored wine and food tasting events
  • Placing your products on the shelves of important Delis/Retailers (sales on return basis)
  • Special promotional events tailored to your product; Food and Wine fairs: IFE, Specialty Fine Food Fair, London Intl. Wine Fair
  • Arrange entry to high profile media events, such as The Decanter World Wine Awards, Great Taste awards (food)


  • Special and exclusive opportunities to participate in sponsorship packages at major events: Institutional, art launches in museum and galleries, sports and cultural, in London and across the UK


  • Video and audio production to support and enhance your products
  • Social Network: Linkedin, FB, Twitter Websites and labels design, construction and maintenance Web optimization – to make your website work better and raise your profile on the web
  • Press releases
  • Media training
  • Enhanced product presentation
  • Above all – making sure it’s expressed in the best possible English